A Week of Photos

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but wintah is coomin’. I woke up ahead of my alarm clock to find it still mostly dark outside, so naturally I thought I still had a few extra hours in bed. Or at least an hour. I checked my clock to discover to my absolute horror I ad woken up five minutes ahead of the alarm. I love Fall, it’s probably my favourite season, but I am so not ready for it.


Suki’s feeling it too. She cannot walk past a crunchy leaf without destroying it.


Do you see what Suki’s spotted? She was very excited about all his chattering.


So I know her eyesight is still good. She also had no problem spotting the buck in this picture. Hint: He’s right between her ears.


The birds are moulting, and poor Gueuze looks pretty ridiculous. Since taking these photos his last tail feathers have also come out.


We went and saw Suicide Squad, and I was highly amused that this doodle we had found earlier in the week made an appearance.


We’ve been blackberry picking like mad. I think we’re probably done now.


These are the faces Suki makes when she first expects a reward for waiting at heel, then realizes she’s not getting a treat this time.


Here, have some angry birds.


We managed to get out on the water. More on that tomorrow.


While out paddling we stopped off on an island/cove that had a lot of neat abandoned stuff, including an apple and pear tree.


Then Suki got to engage in her favourite activity: Rock scrambling. She lives for this stuff.



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