A Week of Photos

It’s been super hot lately. Except in the morning. It’s like a weird kind of weather where you start the day off wrapped in a blanket, then by mid-afternoon you’re in board shorts and miserably sweaty. Except you’re not allowed to be miserably sweaty because you’ve spent the last few months complaining that summer isn’t properly here, so now that it is you can’t complain about that.

Can I use that as an excuse for not getting out and about? Because that’s what I’m going with. It’s so hot that even Suki roasts out of commission thanks to the humidity. We have gone on a few short nature walks though, and found this little dude.


Mostly, however, we’ve been working on the yard. Or puttering around the yard, if you want to get all technical. Suki was absolutely enthralled with transplanting our new blueberry bushes. We bought two, a regular blueberry and a pink lemonade blueberry that was supposed to produce bright pink berries but ended up producing regular old blue blueberries. Oh well, next year we’ll just have to get another one.


Suki was also very eager to help eat the blueberries.


She didn’t care as much about the strawberry plants, but she did think the grass at the back of the planter was tasty.


And we’ve relaxed.


And enjoyed mini watermelon.


We’ve foraged for blackberries almost every day. Suki isn’t very impressed with our first haul.


We also put up secure a fence so the chickens can go out in the yard. Which Gueuze promptly flew on top of, because he’s a jerk.


My tiny lone spinach plant bolted and even girls didn’t want it. They’re also jerks.


Crumble had a spa day to take care of some rough spots on her legs. Based on her look, I think even she’s judging my level of crazy chicken lady.


With the yard now becoming a big free-for-all Zeste and Sel have discovered new places to dustbathe, such as between the old bathtub planter and the composter. And destroy the grass in the process. Y’know, because chickens are jerks.


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