A Week of Photos

If you get the chance to visit the Sunshine Coast, Suki recommends checking out Smuggler’s Cove.


I’m not really sure what kind of rock scrambling technique this is.


Black dogs can be hard to photograph. Unless you’re doing a silhouette


Over winter out greenhouse/garden shed became overrun with weeds, so we pulled everything out and turned the chickens loose. They feasted on bugs for a few hours then I weed-whacked it to dirt, so now it’s all set to have a floor put in.


If you look closely you can see Gueuze is cross-eyed staring at the buttercup flower.


I can’t get over the size of his mane. Belgian d’Anvers aren’t supposed to be fully mature until around 5 years old (same as Schipperkes). I can’t even imagine how his plumage could get fuller though.


At one point I went to check on them only to find Brulot and Beignet missing. Just as I was ready to set out searching, I noticed a bit of brown in the long grass.


Then Sel found them, and their hidden nest was spoiled.


And, while not the best picture, I had to share the first real chicken sunbathing that’s happened here. You can see the confusion on Sel’s face. The Belgians never stop moving long enough to do that sort of thing.


Suki’s not a big fan of these kind of bridges. The holes are spaced in a way that makes it really easy for her feet to slip through. I’m pretty sure she considers these things unsafe and impractical.


She got me back for the bridge though. She’s way too smug and happy about the cobwebs (including a dried up spider!) that I had to pick off her face.


“Haha you made me walk across half that bridge. Enjoy your cobweb-picking, sucker!”

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