A Week of Photos

Kicking this off with some photos from an evening walk.


Gueuze could use some good vibes as he hasn’t been feeling well. He’s quite congested and his voice is hoarse. No one else is showing any signs of being stuffy so I’m fairly confident it isn’t a viral respiratory issue. It could be any number of things, including a sensitivity to the pine shavings as it seems to be worse at night. I’ve ordered some VetRX, so fingers crossed it gets here soon and works. Although if his crow stays the same strangled volume I wouldn’t complain.


I tried letting the newbie loose for the first time. It was a bit stressful as the easter eggers won’t let me hold them, so once they were out there was very little chance of catching them if they decided to make a break for it. Everything went smoothly though.


And a few more shots from our evening walks.



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