A Week of Photos

On a walk along the beach I spotted this little guy stumbling towards the ocean. I spent a panicky second trying to remember which bees do and don’t have stingers, then said screw it and scooped him up to safety anyway. I was pretty sure bumblebees do not sting. According to a google search though not only do they sting, but their stingers are not barbed so they can sting you multiple times! Don’t let that deter you from rescuing bees though, they’re generally non-aggressive unless threatened. So don’t squeeze ’em and you’ll be fine.


I love offering Suki various foraged edibles we come across. She still hasn’t decided if she likes salmonberries. Sometimes she wolfs them down, other times she nibbles at them pensively. It turns out she loves red huckleberries though.


One berry I’m pretty excited for this year is salal. I had no idea this stuff was edible, and now that I do I want to know what it tastes like. The flowers are very pretty.


So the other day I told my neighbour my chickens weren’t really laying eggs. At the time it was the truth, on average I was getting only one egg every two days and it had been that way for two weeks. Literally two days after I said that I got four, then the day after that all five laid in one day. Apparently my animals like to make me a liar.


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