A Week of Photos

So we watched this new show called Dramaworld. J found out about it when he saw screenshots from Tumblr where people were calling it cultural appropriation. So naturally we watched it because we’re rebels. Well and we were curious to see what it was all about because if I’m being honest we occasionally enjoy indulging in a good Korean rom-com They are seriously entertaining. Anyway, Dramaworld is American, and it’s about an American girl that’s obsessed with Korean dramas who gets transported to another world (called Dramaworld) where all the Korean dramas take place. It was weird, and a bit cringey, but also entertaining.

That had nothing to do with these photos, but I decided to say it anyway. I actually have no idea what’s going on in these pictures.


If I sit down, Suki often flops down at my feet and makes faces at me until she gets a chest scratch. She’s kind of a weirdo.


Beignet laid her first egg. It must have caught her by surprise, because she just dropped it right in the middle of the run. There’s a decent chance Zeste bit her in the arse, causing her to shoot the egg out in surprise. Like crapping her pants, but with an egg instead.

Also can you tell my chickens don’t like oats? They let me know they do not like the oats by flinging them all over the run. While they scream at me.


We’ve started taking Suki on short hikes instead of regular walks for her exercise. It’s cooler than walking on pavement, and it’ll keep her (and us) in better shape for when we do longer hikes. I think she approves.


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