Meet the Flock: Brulot


Brulot! She was the first of the newbies I met. Her and her identical sibling were packed into the tote, then when the breeder opened it to put Crumble in one of the two went flying out and took off. Brulot is, obviously, the the one that stayed.

Like Beignet, Brulot is an Easter Egger. Brulot has the characteristic beard often seen in the “breed” and has blue or slate coloured legs. She has the same lacing pattern over her back as my d’Anvers hens, but lacks the dark head and neck needed for her pattern to be called quail. She also possesses one copy of the blue feather gene, turning all the black on her to a blue-grey. Somehow I always seem to end up with blue-patterned poultry. Which is funny because blue is usually more sought-after due to it being less common, yet I generally go out intending to get black birds. I do quite like the blue though.


As Easter Eggers often are, she can be quite skittish. She has been steadily warming up to me though and will even hover at the door, anxious to see if I have any treats for them.

While she’s quite pretty in person, she is definitely not the most photogenic of my chickens. She tends to go a bit bug-eyed the moment the camera is pointed in her direction. One of these days I’ll succeed in snapping a picture of her where she looks normal.


I decided to give her a Creole name to go with Beignet. Cafe brulot is an orange-infused, brandy-spiked coffee… Served set on fire. The server ladles the fiery coffee over spiraled, clove-studded orange zest held high above the silver bowl, bruleeing the zest and infusing the flavour in the drink.

True to the showy origin of her name, Brulot was the first to lay an egg here.  Travel can often put chickens off laying, but the day after I brought them home she marched into the nesting box and laid my first non-white egg. It was nearly as blue as the fake egg I had put in to show them where to lay.




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