Meet the Flock: Crumble


Ah, Crumble… She’s a tough hen to figure out. With the other hens she oozes confidence. The moment she set foot in the coop she took one look around and declared it would do, this was her territory now. Poor Zeste and Sel didn’t even try to challenge her. On the other hand, when she thinks there’s a threat she’s the first to scuttle up the ramp, where she stands in the coop entrance watching, happy to let Zeste and Gueuze handle it.

She’s very different looking than my other hens, which is funny because she’s the most classically chicken-like of the group. A round ball for a body with a tiny little head poking out of it, like an unfinished clay sculpture. She’s also my only hen with noticeable wattles, and my only chicken with noticeable earlobes.


I named her Crumble as a ode to apple crumble. I was originally going to name her Crisp for the same reason, but thought that sounded too much like crispy chicken.

She lays huge eggs (for a bantam). The first egg she laid here weighed a whopping 41 grams, although most since have been in the 35 gram range. She needed no prompting to start laying in the nesting room. The girls just love it.


At first her and Gueuze did not get along. He was determined to drive her away, and she was not happy at all about having a man around. They have since settled their differences, and she’s happy to let him dote on her.

Crumble is a bantam Wyandotte. The breed originates in the United States, with the first examples appearing in the 1870s. The original colour was silver laced and they were first known as American Sebrights, but the name was changed when they were registered with the American Poultry Association. They are named for an American tribe prevalent in parts of New York and Ontario, Canada.

In so many ways Crumble reminds me of Lucy. Loud, always has to voice her opinion on everything. She seems to enjoy having a flock, but she’s also perfectly content to go off and do her own thing. She’s her own chicken.


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