A Week of Photos

I have colourful eggs!


Since the day I brought her home Suki has always had a special affection for sheep toys.


The new girls are beginning to fit in. They are warming up to me a little more each day.


The gold Easter Egger is not always the most photogenic though.


Sel gave me a scolding for giving so much attention to the newbies. She’s the only one that demands pets.


Don’t think Sel is perfect though. Zeste had some food stuck in her beard, so Sel lovingly cleaned her up… By plucking the dirty feathers out. Beardless Zeste is a bit terrifying.


I have been giving her extra protein though and it’s growing back.


Zeste is the #1 terrorizer of the pullets. What she doesn’t realize is that the pullets will mature out bigger than she is. I think the gold pullet is starting to figure that out though.



We spent some time at the beach.


And in the forest.


Probably the most disgusting chicken picture I’ll ever show you. A lot of chickens wont eat slugs, but both Zeste and Sel do. They will even get into tug-o-war matches over them, which was the case in this picture. Zeste promptly began nearly choking on her half (I seriously thought I was going to have to run and get tweezers to pull it out!). Here’s Sel with her prize clamped firmly in her beak. She wasn’t going to share with any of the other hens, who didn’t want it anyway.


The flock dynamic is still a bit tense, but overall they are really beginning to get along.


We haven’t been to this walking trail in a while, and during that time it’s become a bit overgrown.



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