Meet the Flock: Beignet


As a fan of Cajun and Creole food, when I discovered that beignet (ben-yay), delicious fried choux pastry coated in powdered sugar, were popular in New Orleans I knew if I ever got an Ameraucana or Easter Egger I would need to name her that.


Little Beignet is currently the most skittish of the girls. Being the youngest, and not yet laying eggs like everyone else, the others treat her a bit like the uncool younger sibling. She’s fitting in more and more each day though. She tends to hang back a bit on the edge of the group, but never so far that she isn’t within touching distance of someone. She’s generally very quiet, unless she can’t find her flock then she begins to call at the top of her lungs.


Beignet is a bantam Easter Egger. Easter Eggers are a bit like Alaskan Huskies in that they are not a true breed, but generally have a recognizable type. They can be any mix of breeds containing Ameraucana (or less commonly, Araucana) and can lay any colour of egg but frequently lay greenish or blue eggs. They often have beards and pea combs, but can also be beardless like Beignet (well, technically she does have some stubble). Like all mixed breeds EEs vary drastically in temperament and laying production, with some being very friendly, some standoffish, some prolific layers, and others very poor layers.

So far Beignet is living up to her name. Pretty, just a touch refined, and oh so sweet.


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