New Kids on the Flock


I have three new chickens! This time I skipped the whole chick-raising guessing game and went with older chickens so I was guaranteed to get girls.


I put my established flock out in their playpen to let the girls settle into their new home without my crazy chickens getting territorial. Usually when you bring in new chickens it’s strongly recommended that you quarantine them away from your flock for at least a month. I decided to put my faith in the lady I bought these guys from and forego the quarantine, as I would be unable to house the newbies a sufficient distance from my flock to be truly effective anyway. My advice would still be to quarantine if you can though. Feel free to call me an idiot.


The black one is a 2 year old bantam Wyandotte. She’s extremely talkative and self-assured. When I let them out she basically took one look around and began waltzing around like she’d always lived here. I have a feeling she will end up taking over as head hen. She’s also rockin’ some fantastic ankle jewelry.


The other two are bantam Easter Egger pullets. The gold one is already laying eggs, while the silver is still too young. They’re not quite as confident as Miss Wyandotte, but that’s fairly common for both Easter Eggers and young pullets.



Both the Easter Eggers are the same colour pattern, but one has the silver gene that turns everything red to white. Silver girl quickly discovered the coop’s new arbutus branch is a fantastic place to relax.


I’m very excited to start getting more eggs! With the new breeds I should get a colourful egg basket. I’ll give them each a proper introduction once they’ve settled in and I’ve named them.

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