Photo Outtakes from National Purebred Dog Day

The regularly scheduled week of photos will be posted tomorrow. Today I wanted to show the series of photos from our attempt at joining in the National Purebred Dog Day celebrations yesterday. The idea was to take a picture of your dog with the I Heart Purebred Dogs sign. Unfortunately dogs can’t read, and they can’t have the importance of such a sign explained to them. All Suki knew was I was waving a piece of paper in her face, and she likes to tear paper up. Luckily the predictability of purebred dogs meant that when I chose a Schipperke I knew that was what I was getting into, and I think it’s hilarious.

The first chomp wasn’t too bad. The sign was still salvageable.


Then she went back for round two.


Hey! Give… Me… That…!


Well I hope you’re proud of yourself, tearing all the little pieces up. I hope you know you caught my thumb with the sign.


Okay I got some of the pieces. Maybe we can salvage it…


I’m going to try one more time. Now behave yourself while I try to piece everything back together…


Look what you’ve done. You don’t even have the sense to feel shame about this, do you?


I give up.



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