A Week of Photos

The lighting is terrible, but Suki is just so cute! I decided to try her boots on her front paws for a light hike.


She hasn’t worn boots on all four paws for quite a while. It took a bit for her to figure her legs out again.


J was nervously hovering nearby while Suki was climbing on a tall tree. She’s definitely less steady with these boots on though, so that was probably a good thing. She still gave him side-eye for helicoptering.


She still appreciated him picking her up though.


Suki has no appreciation for old stairs. “I posed for a picture, now give me the treat” she says.


She would much rather trot along the beach.


We found this fallen tree, which had been choked out by the invasive English ivy wrapped around the trunk. Seriously, don’t plant this stuff.


Spring is officially here. Everything looks brighter.


There are also tons of flowers sprouting up everywhere.


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