Eggscargot Dishes


Unwashed eggs can be kept at room temperature, so it only makes sense that they should be kept in a pretty dish or basket. If you have bantams, you likely know how hard it is to find nice containers for the eggs. Well, I have the solution, and it only cost me $2.

Escargot dishes! Or as I’ve been calling them, eggscargot dishes. I was perusing the thrift store for the perfect vintage bowl for the girls’ treats, when I spotted these sitting there. The cogs started turning. The indents looked like the right size, and for $1 a piece it was worth taking a chance.


The fit isn’t perfect, but it works and it looks really nice sitting on the countertop. I’ve paired the dishes with a tiny bottle holding dried lavender and one of Zeste’s tail feathers.


One more picture, just because.


One response to “Eggscargot Dishes

  1. I love that picture looking out through the window with the eggs and the vase in the foreground

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