Two Weeks of Photos

I’m condensing two weeks of photos into one. With Spring thaw comes phase 2 of what I’ve been calling The Great Fleapocalypse of 2015. Now that the weather is warming up, all the dormant eggs the neighbour’s fleas left in our yard are beginning to hatch and Suki has started scratching like mad again so we’ve been a bit preoccupied trying to pick them all out of her thick coat every day. I finally managed to get all my photos edited though, so here they are. Pro tip: If you get chickens in an urban or semi-urban environment, don’t be that jerkface with the cobbled together hovel of a coop that brings all the rats over to party. They will leave their fleas all over everyone else’s yards, and your neighbours will hate you. For good reason.

Week 1

We ended up hiking back to the falls again.


St. Patrick’s Day.


Then we celebrated the end of winter by snow seeking on Mount Elphinstone. The melting snow made it pretty slippery, so we ended up turning around before the summit, but we had a blast anyway.


Week 2


We went rock scrambling and I had wrapped Suki’s dewclaws to put boots on her front feet, but I ended up changing my mind at the last second because her boots aren’t very grippy. The vetwrap was a pain to take off though and she just wanted to get going, so she rocked bright blue cuffs on that walk.


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