A Week of Photos

Suki is, on average, a very good dog. She quiets her bark when she’s indoors, she mostly comes when called, and she doesn’t jump all over people. She definitely still has her own opinion on things though! I love this photo because you can see the underlying attitude. She was following a scent when I called her, and I snapped the camera at the exact moment she gave me a dirty look for interrupting her.


It’s similar to the face she makes when she’s trying to take a post-hike nap but the dog three cars over won’t stop barking.


The rain can be a bit of a drag, but at the end of the day I doubt I’ll ever get tired of living in a rainforest.


We hiked up to a waterfall, which was rushing super fast thanks to the spring rains. Suki’s wasn’t really sure what think of it. She was excited, but she wasn’t a big fan of the loud crashing noises. We couldn’t get close because of the river so the falls look very tiny in my photos, but they’re actually about 40 feet.


J always tells people Suki has own backpack for hikes. It’s technically true, she does have a backpack, it’s just that she hasn’t worn it in over a year. I decided to stop making him a liar and brought it out for a test run.


She seemed to like wearing it, so her backpack might make a few more appearances in the future.



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