A Week of Photos

Hang tight, I’ve taken a lot of photos this week.


We discovered a new walk, and I went a little camera happy every time we went there.


It also prompted me to graduate Suki’s mountaineering harness to a general hiking harness. The handle really makes the difference on these kind of walks. And yes, those are boots on her back feet. The fancy ones that I bought years ago but only used on road walks because I was afraid of Suki losing one. She rips her pads up braking on the rocks, so I decided to bring them out. They’re supposed to be pretty heavy duty, so it’ll be interesting to see how they hold up to real wear.


I was complemented on Suki’s figure the other day. The person said she was the smallest Schip she’s ever seen, then made a width motion with her hands followed by telling me Suki was in great shape. I was quite happy, and a little amused, that she recognized Suki as being thinner rather than shorter. Most people don’t realize Suki only looks more petite than other Schipperkes because she’s not overweight.


I’m super exited. I’ve tried for years to catch a picture of Suki jumping, but I always take it either too soon, too late, or it’ll be completely blurry. I finally got one.


Then yesterday we went for a rainy walk up Soames Hill. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of doing Soames in the rain, but it was fantastic.


And finally, my favourite photo from the week.


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