Hidden Grove

Hidden Groves is a fantastic park to spend an afternoon (for directions from the Langdale ferry terminal, click here). It’s a section of forest filled with everything from huge old growth trees.


To maple marshes.


There are multiple trails, each intertwining to form a network that allows you to set your time. You could meander though the lower trails for a short little walk, or wander around the various trails for hours. The two entrance trails are smoothed over with pea gravel to make them wheelchair accessible.


The overall difficulty is fairly easy. I would consider Hidden Grove to me more of a nature walk than a true hike.


That doesn’t mean it’s lacking in fantastic views though.


Off the main trails everything is covered in a thick layer of moss.


Hidden Grove is also a legal off leash area, so you can let your (well-behaved) dog run to his heart’s content. Just make sure you observe proper trail etiquette, and don’t let your dog harass people or other dogs.


If you’re in the area definitely make a stop here. It’s a great way to unwind when you have some free time, and your dog can burn off energy however they want.



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