Idita-Walk Conclusion

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On Tuesday we finished the Idita-Walk challenge with a bang. To complete the challenge you need to walk 1,049 minutes in 35 days. We had 80 minutes left on the counter, but we pulled in 184 minutes in a free-for-all along the beach with 19 days to spare. Not bad considering it’s been raining buckets lately.


Beach is a bit of a misnomer. Beach conveys ideas of soft sand, relaxation, and maybe a light stroll or tossing a ball around. We have a few of those beaches here, but most of them look more like this with a few odd patches of sand here and there.


Whether you’re just starting to get active or you pull in over an hour of exercise a day I recommend joining in on challenges. The Idita-Walk will continue to run until the end of March, so there’s plenty of time to start your own 35 day counter.


And like all good walks and challenges, it ended with muddy jeans and a content dog sunning herself while I enjoyed a coffee.



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