A Week of Photos

Well, the first thing you might notice is the new logo. It’s not set in stone yet, so it might change a bit. So far I’m liking it though!


My camera does not like overcast weather, so it’s really struggling with Spring. All the poorly coloured photos are going on a list for re-takes once Summer is here.


This crazy bird nearly choked to death. Lately I’ve been hanging lots of veggies to keep the girls entertained during the bad weather. I just had a feeling to check on them before bed, and Zeste had managed to pull down an entire carrot top and had half down her throat, half hanging out of her beak along with her swollen tongue. I was sure she was a goner at that point. Luckily chickens’ airways are located near the front of their mouth instead of in their throat, so she was still able to breathe, just not very well. Had I not found her and gently extracted the stalk I don’t think she would have made it through the night. So obviously she got to come in and sit on a towel in my lap for some TLC. She’s like a puppy in a chicken suit.


We found this oyster on the beach. Suki was interested in giving it a sniff…


Then promptly chewed on it. Perhaps she’s trying to tell me she needs more shellfish in her diet.


And finally, the colour and clarity might not be the nicest but I do like how this photo turned out overall.


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