Favourite Photos of 2015

2015 was kind of a crummy year, but I did get some great photos. I had a lot of fun going back over them, struggling to choose just one favourite for each month.

I love the pale blue sky in January’s photo contrasting with the weathered brown of the massive stump. Plus Suki’s fantastically bright sheep collar giving a pop of colour.


February’s photo captured Suki’s cheeky grin.


March’s photo was taken for my review of the Buddy Belt harness, and captured Suki’s more stoic side.


In April I rescued this bumblebee from the coop. He seemed so happy on his dandelion.


I’ve said it before, but sometimes the best photos aren’t the best looking ones. This outtake from my photoshoot for National Purebred Dog Day easily won favourite for May because it’s so funny, with Suki slowly inching towards the camera and Sel side-stepping right out of the shot.


June had a no contest win. This photo isn’t just my favourite photo of the month, but one of my favourite photos of Suki ever.


This photo from July is probably one of my favourite chicken photos. It was when I first introduced the girls to their renovated coop.


For August I chose this photo of Sel and her chicks.


In September we hiked Mount Elphinstone (although I didn’t post about it until November), and this photo of Suki atop the summit wins my favourite for the month.


October’s photo is another that technically fits into the outtake category, but was my overall favourite. I adore this photo of Suki making a sleepy face at the camera.


November had a lot of great photos, but this one is my favourite.


I love this picture from December. The deep red of the house goes so well with the icey blues and pale creams of Zeste’s feathers.


Honourary Mentions… I’m weak. These photos weren’t quite as nice as the others, but I couldn’t just not include them.

Isn’t Zeste adorable?


It turns out when broody chickens are kicked out of the nest they melt into a puddle.


The girls fell asleep getting neck scritches and I quickly snapped this shot. Sel is on the left, Zeste on the right.


I really like this photo of Suki in Hidden Grove.


The colours in this photo from February weren’t quite as nice as the other one, but darnit if Suki doesn’t look adorable.


I love this photo because it shows how Suki can be with my chickens. When I was brooding the chicks she wouldn’t even let other dogs upstairs, and when the chicks were out on the deck she would settle down nearby to keep an eye on them.


I had completely forgotten that the Sunshine Coast was ablaze in July. We woke up one morning and everything was tinted orange. It was absolutely surreal.

Two other pictures from November. The colours just turned out so nice!

And finally, this photo turned out a little grainy but it’s one of the cutest pictures of Suki and I love it just for that.


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