A Summary of 2015


2015 hasn’t exactly been the greatest year. I went into it full of expectations. It was the year of the sheep, which is both one if my favourite animals and my zodiac sign. This had to be my year. We ordered three chicks hoping to get a black d’Anvers pullet. Then we had to put down our rooster due to aggression, to both people and animals. He wasn’t mentally stable, and ended up really underweight because he spent all his time pacing the fence looking for things to fight instead of eating. Shortly after that all three new chicks started crowing. I tried again with two hatching eggs, and both of those were males as well. During that the bad yard management from our landlord/neighbours led to a rat infestation nearby, bringing in massive amounts of fleas. There were so many that Revolution couldn’t keep up. We took matters into our own hands and the fleas are under control now, but Suki has chewed and scratched a lot of her beautiful coat off. I hope it regrows.

We lost both Lucy and The Barnevelder. I found out the hard way that our farm store carries neither wormer nor antibiotics like they should (and won’t special order anything), and that the local vet doesn’t actually deal with chicken illness like I had been told. If they break a limb the vet can splint it, but for illness I’m on my own. The Barnevelder died while we were driving all over town trying to find something to help her.

I’ve been having trouble with WordPress. Login issues, posting my Christmas card too early, and posting blank submissions. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but it’s just one more thing on top of everything else.


It hasn’t all been negative. We also finally hiked Mount Elphinstone, and it was as fantastic as I imagined it would be. February was when our hens first started laying eggs (The Barnevelder and the Belgians), and they laid hilariously tiny little fart eggs. I was able to successfully grow some awesome purple pea plants. Hatching eggs allowed me to try egg candling, and to see Sel raise chicks.We finished renovating the coop, and it looks amazing. I’m ready to start a new year though.


I’ve compiled a list of local hikes (and kayak routes!), and hope to give the Sunshine Coast some love in the upcoming year. I would also like to get back into reading and drawing, two hobbies I used to devote a lot of time to but have neglected. As always, continuing to train Suki new things is high on my list of resolutions. Perhaps I should add clicker training the chickens as well? Here’s hoping 2016 is everything 2015 was supposed to be.



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