A Week of Photos


Suki set up the perfect picture, but when I tried to take a photo she decided to stop cooperating. I asked her to repose, which led to this. “I’ll put my paws back up on this log, but I don’t have to look at the camera while I do it!”


There are a lot of really cool plants and animals here in B.C. Or in this case, fungi, which look like a plant but are actually more closely related to animals.


Winter is coming! It almost looks like snow, but sadly it’s just frost.


The weather has been leading to a lot of fog, which looks really cool.


3 responses to “A Week of Photos

  1. Where do you find such great coats, harnesses for Suki? I have a 12 year old Schipperke who has been taking long morning walks with me. I would love to get her a winter coat like the green one Suki is wearing before winter weather arrives in NYC so we can continue enjoying our walks together.

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