A Week of Photos

I took a few pictures of the maybe staying rooster. He looks like a dork (mostly because he is), but that’s okay because regal roosters are overrated.

DSCF3978 DSCF3880

For some reason Suki is a bit too interested in this current batch of chicks. Chick sniffing privileges have been withheld this time.


I realized I’ve been avoiding taking photos of the chicks in case they end up being boys, but I remedied that this week.

DSCF3859 DSCF3863DSCF3912

One of them is developing an interesting feather pattern. Genetically they should both be solid colours, so I’m guessing this is a temporary phase. Whatever it is, it’s very cool and I’m looking forward to seeing how this chick fully feathers out.


Although I intended to take photos of the chicks, most of them ended up having Sel as the main focus.

DSCF3855 DSCF3901DSCF3971 DSCF3940

I think they’re beginning to wear her down.

DSCF3922 DSCF3916 DSCF3918

Despite her current disheveled appearance, she still makes it clear that she’s head hen.

DSCF3943 DSCF3843 DSCF3845

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