A Week of Photos

I pulled Suki’s backpack out of storage and we tried out a small section of the Suncoaster Trail.

DSCF3632 DSCF3633 DSCF3635 DSCF3638 DSCF3640

Now that Zeste is no longer broody, she’s calmed down about the chicks. She doesn’t like them or want anything to do with them, but she tolerates them. Unless they try to interact with her, then she gives them a light peck to remind them who’s boss. Integration into the flock’s order begins at hatch.

DSCF3736 DSCF3735

The chicks are already much more adventurous than they were last week.

DSCF3703 DSCF3705 DSCF3710 DSCF3731 DSCF3723 DSCF3726 DSCF3721 DSCF3718 DSCF3706

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