Chicken Coop Reno, Part 3 and Final

Almost done! At this point the only thing left to do is add the nesting box. There was a less than brief period on time where I was beginning to think we were never going to make the coop liveable again, and that I should have just left it as-is. Now I’m so glad we renovated it. Something had to be done about the coop, because it was pretty scary looking.


We ended up having to tear out and replace a few rotten boards. Thankfully the main structure was okay.


All the gaps were caulked, so the coop should be nice and weather-proof. J gets the credit for this brilliant idea.


A coat (or three) of paint here…


More paint here…


Suki supervised.


And made creepy faces at us.


Sel weighed in with her option that the coop was different, and different is bad. Thanks, Sel, I appreciate the gratitude.


All the 3/4-inch hardware cloth was removed for painting and replaced with 1/4-inch.


We also knocked out an entire wall.


For cost we pretty much followed everyone’s advice and stopped counting after we stopped wanting to know. I’ll probably wait to do a proper introduction to the coop post until after the eggs hatch. Their old nesting box is set up right where the door will need to be cut for the new one, and I don’t want to risk upsetting the girls by moving it. I can finally relax though and not feel like I need to be chained to the coop painting, sawing, measuring, or any other construction related activity.

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