A Week of Photos

We’ve been spending almost all our free time working on the chicken coop, and it’s finally complete. Well, almost complete. But the chickens were able to move back into it, so I feel like I can finally relax.

DSCF3136 DSCF3155

I tried to take some photos of the friendly (or at least non-bitey) cockerel in one of the apple trees, and instead of jumping down like all my other chickens he turned and walked straight up into the higher branches.


We discovered that one of our walking routes is being expanded.

DSCF3092 DSCF3101 DSCF3102

Every Friday we whip up a batch of pizza dough in the morning and have that for dinner. I decided to make Suki her own miniature version of the pizza we were having, but with all dog-friendly ingredients.

DSCF3082 DSCF3078 DSCF3084

She loved it.

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