Remember the sign photo from Friday? I chose Sel for the shoot because she’s the calmest of the two ladies, but when working with animals you’ll inevitably get at least a few outtakes. Especially if it involves a chicken. They are not the most cooperative models.


Suki started out strong…


But shot after shot, it became clear that Sel was less interested in posing for the camera than she was in eating grass.

DSCF1945 DSCF1939

Working with a less competent costar can throw the resolve of even the best model.

DSCF1946 DSCF1946.2

Suki became indignant.

"She has me working with a rank amateur."

“She has me working with a rank amateur!”

Eventually she decided she was working hard enough. She threatened to walk if she didn’t get an extra large treat payout. Now.


I talked Suki into trying a few more photos. Just as we were ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat at the hands (wings?) of a snack sized fowl…


Sel decided to cooperate just long enough to get in one good shot.


I’m calling it a win.

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