A Week of Photos

I gave the girls a bath. I think I gave them too much red cabbage and they were looking rather… Messy. It’s bound to happen every now and then.


“Excuse me, but I would like to be dry now.”


Chickens love warm blow driers. By the way, wet chicken smells like a soggy duvet in a petting zoo.


I had to leave the house, but just in case they weren’t completely dry I decided to keep them inside for the day. I secured them in the office, in a rubber tote with chicken wire over the top. While I got their temporary digs set up I brought their nesting box inside to keep them preoccupied. Here’s a tip: Never underestimate the determination of a chicken that is particular about where she lays her eggs. I came home and right away I knew something was off. One of the (thankfully empty) starter pots I had on the railing was now downstairs. Sel was relaxing at the computer, and Zeste (who I suspect was the ringleader) greeted us in the kitchen. She had broken out and trekked all the way through the house just to lay her egg in her nesting box. But not before stopping to eat all the cabbage sprouts I was growing, then kick the dirt out all over the floor to add insult to injury. They’re lucky they’re cute, because I’m pretty sure this is why it’s called jerk chicken (and also probably why it’s such a delicious dish).

I had a mini photo session with the tiniest of the new chicks. She is so, so tiny. At three weeks old Zeste weighed 81 grams, and this girl (I think this one is female) only weighed 73 grams at the three week weigh-in!


She has an adorably grumpy face.

DSCF1847 DSCF1846 DSCF1854 DSCF1850

The next sunny day I’m going to try getting photos of the other chicks in this apple tree. I only took photos of the smallest chick this time because she’s the most cooperative.

DSCF1924 DSCF1925 DSCF1929 DSCF1932I set up the introduction barrier in the coop, and so far the chicks have been able to spend most days out there. They still come inside at night or during colder days though.

15.05.02 15.05.13

The girls were… Less than thrilled at having half their run taken over by babies.

15.05.03 15.05.04

Spot the Schip.


Yesterday we hiked to the top of a nearby hill.


People always post fantastic pictures of their dogs without collars or harnesses in the way. I wanted to try that, but I got Miss Snaggletooth for this shoot.


I can live with my silly pup though.


I can always count on her to wait and watch me.

DSCF2043 15.05.04

And she can still roll out a serious face every now and then.

DSCF2022 DSCF2037 DSCF2033

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