The Fart Egg

I found my first fart egg in the nesting box!


Aside from the incredibly humourous name, they’re also called wind eggs, dwarf eggs, fairy eggs, or cock eggs. The latter because it was once believed they were laid by roosters. The myth is that if a toad or snake hatched the tiny egg it would produce a cockatrice, and the only way to prevent the monster from hatching was to throw the egg over the family house, clearing the roof and smashing it on the far side.


I have a terrible throw. I think if I tried to throw this egg over the house I would probably hit the window instead. Luckily for me, in reality they’re just a normal occurrence for young pullets whose systems are still getting used to laying eggs. Although less common, older hens can also lay fart eggs. For older birds it’s usually caused by a piece of tissue breaking off and tricking the egg system into thinking it’s a yolk.


Based on the lighter shade I think this one was laid by Sel. But because the girls never do anything without the other (you may remember they started laying eggs on the exact same day), I found another fart egg in the box shortly after.


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