A Week of Photos

We went on a few nice hikes this week.

DSCF1628 DSCF1629 DSCF1632

It was so nice and sunny that I was able to take the chicks outside for photos.

DSCF1664 DSCF1670 DSCF1661 DSCF1674 DSCF1675 DSCF1676 DSCF1680 DSCF1685 DSCF1659

I’ve definitely relaxed a lot about having Suki around the chickens. She wasn’t allowed around the first girls until just this year, but these guys…

"There's something behind me, isn't there?"

“There’s something behind me, isn’t there?”

DSCF1699 DSCF1701 DSCF1707

I can’t say it wasn’t a bit stressful at first, but she was fantastic and I think she may have been more afraid of the tiny chicks than they were of her.


"Ahhh, it's touching me!"

“Ahhh, it’s touching me!”

They even walked right up and tried to take a taste of Suki’s toenail.


“These are my chickens. There may be many like them, but these ones are mine.”

DSCF1719 DSCF1706

The hens also got their first look at their new coopmates. They were not as accepting as Suki. Even gentle Sel tried to peck them.


This is completely normal behaviour. I’m not going to attempt any serious introductions until the chicks are older.


There is no love in her eyes. Only murder.


One of the chicks tried to hide under the hem of my pants.


I put the ladies out in their pen to munch on grass and let the little guys explore their future coop.

DSCF1777 DSCF1779

Then the trio had their first picture with the mountain in the background.


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