A Week of Photos

The downside to renting is that if you’re told you can’t plant a garden, there’s nothing you can do about it. While I typically settle for container gardening, this week Suki and I were able to garden vicariously by helping prepare these raised beds for the upcoming season.

DSCF1351 DSCF1354

My little Oda pepper sprout looks like a heart!


I sort all my photos by naming them year.month.number. I just realized I had been labeling all this year’s photos as 2014, so I spent a good chunk of time renaming everything.


Zeste, I said I was sorry for leaving you guys out in the rain while I finished my lunch. Please stop giving me that look.


I found this little guy in the chicken coop looking very lethargic, so I scooped him up.


And found him the nearest flower, which happened to be a dandelion.


It was actually the only flower around, because I’m having the worst luck getting my marigolds and calendula to sprout.


He quickly revived and began grooming himself, then started racing all over the surface of the dandelion.


Can you spot what Suki’s looking at in this woodpile?


I tried to get photos of the girls in an apple tree. It didn’t work out well. They just wanted to hop down to eat the dandelions growing around it.


They’ve become even friendlier since the rooster moved out. They even follow me around the yard now.

We let them dig around for grubs under the tree patch by the house. Last year we pruned the lower branches out and left the area over the winter to let the leaf litter decompose a bit. Now we’ve been clearing out/mulching the leaves and pulling the rocks out of the center, so the area is absolutely teeming with bugs. It’s a chicken paradise.


The two of them together are adorable.

15.04.21 15.04.20 15.04.22

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