Suki Tried a Chicken Foot

Next after the raw beef bone it was time to move up to a chicken foot.

A lot of people leave the nails on, but I cut them off first.


She ended up trying to swallow the entire main foot part whole though, and I had to wrestle it out of her mouth before she choked on it. I learned chicken feet feel absolutely disgusting after they’ve been chewed and slobbered on by a dog.

The next day I penned her up and gave her a beef bone again, but instead of chewing on it she spent the entire time pacing the fence and whining to be let out. She’s not a kennel-shy dog, and she even delights in being penned up with a treat toy stuffed full of frozen peanut butter and banana. I’m not sure I really see the benefit of giving her the raw stuff, and even though she enjoyed them she didn’t seem to enjoy raw more than any other chewie. For us the downsides outweigh the benefits, but I wanted to try it before simply writing it off as not for us. I’m going to use the rest of the feet as add-ins for our homemade bone broth, and Suki can get all her chewing needs from her elk antler. Chicken feet are full of glucosamine and gelatin, making them excellent for soup. It wouldn’t surprise me if the extracted nutrients in broth are more bio-available than simply crunching down the bone chunks anyway.

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