A Week of Photos

So this week has been terrible for pictures. Apparently March has decided to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. I only got one picture of Suki out and about that’s even post-able.


I had a moment of immaturity that led to this picture. I apologize for that.


The other hen saw Sel sitting in a nesting box all day with food and water right at the door and though that sounded like a pretty sweet gig, so she decided to go broody too. She’s also not as nice as Sel, and would bite whenever I went to make sure she wasn’t sitting on eggs.


I was entertaining the idea of giving them chicks, but then I realized I wouldn’t get any eggs for weeks and promptly evicted them both.


“You wouldn’t dare…!”

Because I use feed storage bins as nesting boxes, I just put the covers back on to block their access to the nests. They weren’t very happy about it at first, but within a day they had almost returned to normal. It’s probably best to wait until they’re older before trying to let them raise chicks.

When I pulled the tiniest chicken out of the box she turned into a puddle of protest.


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