A Week of Photos

We went hiking on a nearby trail. I don’t know why we don’t do this one more often.


Someone had left a rose in a stump at the top.


I finally remembered to try out the panorama feature on my camera.


I used to think feathery dinosaurs sounded much less terrifying than scaled ones. Then I got chickens.

DSCF1130 If you were wondering just how big Barbu d’Anvers are, two hens can comfortably nap in one hand.

DSCF1135Shortly after I put the girls back in their coop, Sel went broody and was transformed from a cuddly little hen into a grouchy pile of feathers.


She chicken-curses at me every time I go out to the coop now.

I gave Suki her very first raw bone, a grass-fed cow bone I picked up at our butcher shop. I had to pen her up to eat it because, of course, the first thing she did when I gave it to her was run to the quad sheepskin rug and drop the bone on it before I could catch her. Thanks, dog. I let her have it for about 15 minutes to see how her gut would handle it.

She was very efficient at getting the marrow out of the center.

The reason she’s never had a raw bone until now is because I’m a certified germaphobe, although I’m recovering. I mean, look at all the raw meat she’s getting all over her mouth, paws, and fur. Blegh. She loved it though, and she spent a good part of the day in the kitchen like this after I took it away.

DSCF1150 Who knows, maybe next I’ll be trying steak tartare.

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