A Week of Photos

The d’Anvers’ hour of penned foraging time has become a daily routine now.


Their beards get so dirty when they’re out foraging.


While not the best photo, I finally have a picture of Suki showing her customized collar.


We logged another fantastic hike.


I also took some videos. I thought for sure this hen was going to go broody, but after a while she gave up. I guess she was just trying to make the nest inviting in hopes someone else would decide to hatch the eggs.

I finally remembered to get a video of the rooster tidbitting. Tidbitting is what roosters do when they find food they want to give to hens, or what hens do to show their chicks what foods are good to eat. Apparently he thinks bean sprouts are really exciting.

I left a log in the grass for a few days, then flipped it over and let the chickens go to town.

Yesterday I made the first attempt at putting the Barnevelder in the exercise pen with the d’Anvers. It went better than I expected, but the rooster was definitely not impressed. I think if I needed to integrate the Barnevelder into the d’Anvers’ coop it would go fairly smoothly though.

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