A Week of Photos

Because of the current avian flu being spread by migratory birds, all free ranging has been halted. I missed being able to interact with my chickens though, so I invited the tiniest one into the entrance of the house for a bit. While she was here the urge to lay an egg struck, so I turned an empty feed bin into a temporary nest box for her with the intention of getting a video for the blog. She fluffed the shavings up, dug around, and seemed like she was going to lay an egg. Then an hour went by and still nothing. J suggested maybe she was just hiding because she found the house stressful, so we decided to put her back outside. When I reached into the box to pick her up though she bit me, so we ended up just moving the entire box out into the coop. Of course the moment I set the box down and closed the door she laid an egg.


This week we hiked up an old logging road.


Near the top there was an area of clear cut with a view of the bay below.


And near the entrance, a small lake. There were two guys fishing for trout off the rocks here.


The d’Anvers are feeling pretty starved for grass at this point, so I’ve started setting up the ex-pen with a cover on it to keep them contained beside the house. I almost never see wild birds in this area, so I’m taking a small calculated risk and letting the chickens forage here. They were so excited they absolutely gorged themselves, and within half an hour they had eaten the grass in the pen down to little stubs. See the line off-center on the tiny chicken’s chest? When the crop is empty both sides are the same size. The left side is her crop full of grass and weeds.

15.02.04I was just rapidly snapping photos of the chickens. Considering this picture was taken through the wire, it turned out pretty well. The black band is a rooster collar to decrease the volume of his crowing.

15.02.03This is what I found when I went to check for the big chickens’ eggs. Yes, the Barred Rock is literally sitting on the Barnevelder’s head.


While the rest of Canada is snowed in, this is what our week has been like.


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