A Week of Photos

In towns or cities it’s easy to forget that B.C. is a rainforest, but you just need to venture into the wilderness to be reminded of that.

14.02.02 DSCF0433

It’s been so wet that I wiped out trying to cross a wood plank and ended up with a nasty bruise on my shin. I’ll spare you a photo of that though.


One of the trails opened up to a sheltered bay with civilization on the far bank.

14.02.05 14.02.07 14.02.09

I realized I haven’t taken any closeups of Suki’s adorable mug lately, so here’s two.

14.02.06 14.02.08

Don’t you hate it when a picture is fantastic in every way… Except for image quality? I have no idea why my camera decided it didn’t want to focus right at that moment, but I really wish it had because this picture could be so cute.


We spent a drizzly day down by the docks. Only a few more months until we can start launching the kayaks again!

14.02.12 14.02.13

Even though it’s only February, this leafless tree is already blooming.


2 responses to “A Week of Photos

    • We managed to fit quite a bit of fun into the week. The river in that photo is really neat, and in October and early November it apparently gets a lot of spawning salmon.

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