Bantam Eggs!

On Sunday I opened up the coop to find two tiny eggs.


One had left hers in the nest box like a good chicken, but the other was left by the roost. Of course prior to laying the nesting box egg all the nest material had been pulled out and strewn around the coop, so I guess that chicken wasn’t very good either.


The rocks are there to trick the hens into thinking there are eggs in the nest. When they see them they take that as a sign this is a good place to lay theirs too.


I am so glad I had done the poop scooping before the urge to lay an egg hit.

DSCF0257The eggs were so much bigger than I was expecting. One weighed 30 grams exactly, and the other weighed 27. Even though anything less than 42 grams is Pee Wee or Extra Small on the scale, I was thinking they would lay something around 15 grams. I am a mixture of pleasantly surprised and horrified by it.


Two of them equal one large egg, but the main reason I chose bantams is because one egg is the perfect size for Suki’s breakfast.


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