A Week of Photos

Aside from a few days of absolute downpour this week, the weather has been very nice so we’ve been spending more time at the beach again. Suki loves climbing all over the rock structures that dot our shorelines.

14.01.05 14.01.06 14.01.07 14.01.08

I let Suki and the chickens out together for the first time, and it went so much better than I had expected. The pictures aren’t the best though because I was focused more on making sure everything went safely. We kept them contained between the chicken run and the house just in case Suki barked. If she startled them I didn’t want them to take off flying into the bushes. The closest we came to a “oh no!” moment though was when I went to steer one of the girls back towards the coop and Suki did her usual, “don’t worry, I got this!” She woofed, crouched down, and gave the wandering hen a firm nose bump back towards her flock. The chickens were unfazed by it though and resumed their grazing within the designated area.


At first we left the rooster in their coop, but because he hasn’t been aggressive lately after a bit we very cautiously let him out. They were just fine, and mostly pretended to ignore each other.


For the most part they just mingled along the side, digging at the grass and weeds together. Now if only I could train them to do all my spring yard care…

14.01.12 14.01.13

Suki and the chickens actually have a lot in common, such as an affinity for perching at the top of stuff. If I could I would haul a big stump back to the yard for Suki and the chickens to enjoy whenever they want to.


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