A Week of Photos

Suki and I ate the first egg, and it was probably the most delicious, flavourful, brightly coloured egg I’ve ever had. Even after scrambling it just seemed more yellow/orange than normal. Which is weird because we’ve been buying free-range eggs from a local farm for over a year now so technically this one isn’t anything special. Things you’ve raised yourself just taste better. And of course, because it’s our first egg ever, it had to be saved. You can sort of see the tiny hole I very carefully drilled into the egg so I could blow it out.


I set it in a tealight cup to hold it in place and displayed it on the living room console, next to Suki’s paw print.

DSCF0176 Clipboard01

It’s so hard to keep food looking appetizing in photos, but I’m really trying to improve my food photography so I’d like to apologize in advance if I turn anyone’s stomach during the learning process. On Friday Suki had sardine “tartare” with minced fresh greens and a crispy baked polenta chip. Much fancier fare than what she usually gets, and she happily ate it all (even the parsley garnish). I even stole a tiny taste test and it actually was pretty good.


I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but we often drive to this street to walk it. It’s the most perfect street I’ve ever seen. It’s actually pretty close to town, but for some reason you feel miles from urban civilization. It’s a quiet, meandering road with lots of trees but also open pasture where you can see the mountains. There’s only a few acreages, three of which have farm stands by the road. I love to stop and check out all the heirloom vegetables they have throughout the year.



2 responses to “A Week of Photos

  1. I remember when we got the first egg. Pretty soon we had so many we didn’t know what to do with them all. Wait till spring when it warms up and they really start laying. And yes, nothing better than a fresh homegrown egg.

    • They’re already piling up and I think it’s time to start baking lol! Right now we’re getting an egg roughly every two days, sometimes two days in a row, and they’re gaining size by nearly 10 grams each time.

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