An Eggcellent Surprise

My awesomely obnoxious green chicken has a surprise.


It’s an egg!


Yesterday the Barnevelder was spending a lot of time in and out of the nest boxes. I would run outside excitedly every time she popped back out of the coop, check all the boxes, then go back in to play the waiting game. Just as I was beginning to think she was doing it to torment me I opened a box and there she was, looking quite shell shocked (harr harr) with a perfectly petite brown egg next to her. It took her a few minutes to remember she needed to announce her achievement, and as I was taking her picture she let out an ear-splitting egg song. Then the d’Anvers joined in with their nearly deafening “EEE! EEE! EEEEEEE!” I wish I had thought to bring my video camera out. Maybe next time they’ll do it again so I can get a video of them.


It weighed 50 grams on the dot, which places it just over the minimum for the medium size category. Not bad for a first egg!


Even Suki was excited, dancing around my legs to try and get a good look at the egg. When I showed it to her she treated it just like the plants in her garden, gently sniffing and taste-testing it with a content expression on her face.


I’ll take this as a sign that spring is on the way.

2 responses to “An Eggcellent Surprise

  1. That’s exciting. I guess that is what you have been anxiously waiting for. It’s hard to picture how
    small it must be.

    • It’s roughly the size of a golf ball, just a bit longer. It looks very round and tiny compared to the Barred Rock’s cylinder-shaped 70-80 gram gumbo eggs though.

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