A Summary of 2014

February 1st – Suki’s photos were featured in Show Sight magazine.

Show SightMag

February 23 – It snowed, and we celebrated by hiking the nearby hill.


May 1st – Suki earned her Herding Instinct Certified title.

14.05.01 14.05.04

June 30th – Suki’s photo was awarded Editor’s Pick by Pack.


July 5th – We got chickens.


July 12th – We got lost in the forest, and Suki sniffed our way back to the car.


August 7th-8th – Road-tripped from Vancouver to Calgary.


August 12th – Suki turned 8 years old.


August 20th – Suki’s photo was used as the banner for the Pack Schipperke page.


October – We started construction on the never ending project known as our chicken coop.


December 19th-20th – We drove down through Washington, into Idaho, and back up through B.C. and Alberta to visit J’s family and our friends for Christmas.


December 22nd – We went to Candy Cane Lane to check out the light displays.


In 2015 I want to:
– Be less rigid in Suki’s meal planning. At the moment I feel like I’m so focused on variety that she’s actually losing out on variation, and sticking to a rigid plan can be stressful if I forget to bring her food with me. At the moment each recipe is split into exactly one day’s worth of meals, so if I forget her dinner when we go out it throws everything off. The plan is to make a large batch (about four days to a week’s worth) of one recipe instead of a new recipe each day, then substitute special dinners when my food is shareable and snacks to get more variety.

– Try out blood tracking. I think Suki would really like this, so this year I need to get out and find some cow blood so she can actually try it.

– More kayaking, snowshoeing, and hiking.

– Maybe, finally, take up herding lessons. The club we were going to herd through didn’t work out (last I checked they still don’t have lessons up and running), but I found a potential new one so we’ll see if we can work that into our schedule. In the meantime I found out the d’Anvers actually flock pretty well, so we’re going to try starting herding at home with them. The big chickens scatter, so while they were great for confidence building they didn’t provide much in the way of polished herding training. Then I need to finally put together a video of Suki working the chooks to share here.


I hope everyone has a great 2015.

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