Candy Cane Lane

The fantastic photos in this post were taken by my amazing photographer friend. I’ll edit the post to include a link to his page once he gets one set up. I did a bit of cropping and light adjustment on my tiny little netbook, but other than that they’re still in their fresh off the camera state.

If you find yourself near Edmonton in December it’s definitely worth it to make a stop by Candy Cane Lane. Each year the residents of 148 Street go all out decorating their houses with various holiday paraphernalia. Everything from elaborate light displays.


To comical setups.


Just a precaution though, there were a lot of off leash children at the event so if your dog is uncomfortable with those he probably won’t have much fun. Some were polite and well trained, while other necessitated carrying Suki to save her from being accosted.


There were no pickup bag dispensers so don’t forget to bring your own. There were, however, quite a few garbage bins spread out throughout the walk.


Polar bears were a popular theme. I love polar bears. I have no desire to meet a real one, but I like them.


There were also three carriages, one of which was being pulled by what I’m pretty sure were a couple of big beautiful Belgian Drafts. This is also a good time to say please, for the sake of the horses and everyone at the event, walk the street instead of driving unless you absolutely have to.


One of my favourite displays was a collection of very large ornaments with bright white lights. I’m partial to muted colours and classic decorations with a twist.


Or the brightly lit star with its tail trailing over the walkway.


Even Suki stopped to stare at the lights a few times.


I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and we’ll see you in the new year.






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