A Week of Photos

Oh, how I miss my camera. My cellphone just isn’t the same, but I don’t want to rush a new camera purchase. There’s a very good chance that I’m just going to get the newest model of my old camera, but I’m still taking my time and making sure I invest in something I’m going to be happy with. In the meantime my photo posts might be a bit… Lackluster. To spice this post up I’ve included a few older snapshots from before I was doing weekly photo posts.

I just have two new photos (that turned out) from a hike we did through old growth forest. I actually think the blue gives an interesting effect, almost like fog.

Picture [10]

I shouldn’t complain too much though. It is still a camera, and some of the photos it takes aren’t that bad.

Picture [9]

Here’s a few older photos. I’m pretty excited for our trip because we’ll get to play in the snow again. We don’t get much snow here on the coast. It’s my only complaint.2

When we lived in Alberta I would routinely take Suki out in winter to pull a mini sled around. She loved it. A few times we even packed the sled with a few things and took a trip around some nearby snowshoe trails.


As much as I love winter, I also love summer when everything is in bloom. Does anyone else know a dog that likes to sniff flowers? I always assumed Suki was sniffing something on the flowers (like pee), but she loves to stop and smell the flowers on our second floor deck and I know those are clean. Every time we go out there she needs to make the rounds, checking on each of her plants.

DSCF6028 14.06.02 14.06.04

I love this picture. Aesthetically it’s not much, but it captures so much of Suki in it. When we’re walking she’ll often circle back for a neck scratch or to bump my leg with her nose, just to make sure I know who’s really in charge of the walk.


I’m so lucky to have been able to share the past eight years with this funny, interesting little dog. She brightens every day, even if she does drive me a bit crazy sometimes.

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