A Week of Photos

There aren’t many photos this week. I am so, so sad. My trusty camera, cheap point-and-shoot that it was, has finally gone kaput. I hadn’t realized how attached I could get to an electronic.

One second you’ll be snapping random photos, juggling your camera and a heat lamp base with a daylight bulb to try and find the best way to light your kitchen so you can take pictures once the sun has gone down…


Not quite there yet, let’s move the light this way a bit…

And the next second your camera will have slipped, hit the floor, and jammed something.


It was a hardy little camera. It’s been set in the snow, mud, and sand; taken kayaking and splashed with sea water; pecked by chickens and licked by dogs… It took it all in stride. It was getting older though and it couldn’t handle a fall from that high.


Broccoli sprouts in the snow

DSCF0933 DSCF0934

Good bye little XP10, you gave me many years of photos and lots of learning.


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