A Week of Photos

Okay, so this is less a week of photos and more a few days of photos. It’s been overcast and rainy, and my camera has a really hard time without lots of sunlight. Case in point, this picture from when we took a trip into the city. Mmmm, graininess and a blue cast so bad no amount of editing will get rid of it.


Or this one, while we were waiting to board the ferry. On a brighter (heh) note, you can’t tell but it’s snowing in this picture.


It felt so festive that when we got home we immediately put on Christmas music and set the tree up. Suki even “helped” a bit, and by that I mean she threw her toys everywhere. Then once I had the tree all decorated and set up she stepped on the sled, tipping it, and sent the tree flying. Brat (I mean that affectionately of course. I thought it was hilarious).


“This is where my toy box usually is, so this is where my toys go.”


Suki was pretty excited with the snow. The first thing she had to do though was go on the deck and check on her perennials.


The chickens were less than impressed with the snow. The moment Little Blue’s feet hit the white stuff she took off flying and landed on a bike tire.


This is what the rooster thought of the snow. Right after I snapped the photo he jumped on my head.


Dark Blue would have none of it and just stood there with her tail down when I tried to get a picture of her in the snow. Then she took of flying back to the coop.

14.11.40 14.11.41

The other two warmed up (I’m just full of puns today) to the snow after the initial shock wore off.

14.11.47 14.11.50

Cold weather means extra fluffy (and extra adorable) chickens.

14.11.48 14.11.52

She’s like a real life Angry Bird.


I’m pretty sure this snow is colder than normal, because after a few minutes outside Suki’s paws were so frozen I had to bring her inside to put her boots on.

14.11.57 14.11.58

After she had proper footwear on though she had a blast.

14.11.67 14.11.64 14.11.63 14.11.65

Suki prefers her snowballs thrown, but she’ll also eat them out of your hand.


Even if it was just a dusting of snow, it was a pretty great way to start December.


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