Doggy Advent Calendar

Can you believe it’s almost December? Because I can’t. I kept thinking I had so much time to get an advent calendar done and I nearly ran out of time humming and hawing over how exactly I was going to make it.


My original plan was to include fun activities to do each day, but because of our sporadic weather and schedule this time of year I opted to just go with treats and a promise to do as many activities as we can. The hard part was figuring out how to set up the calendar to make it different from everyday goodies. I didn’t want to just pull a treat out of a slot and hand it to Suki, I wanted it to be interactive for her. Enter the gift bags. For paper-eating dogs this probably wouldn’t work, but because Suki is more interested in tearing paper up to find what’s hidden in the gift bag this will work perfectly for her.


To make the tiny bags I followed the tutorial on this blog and used brown packaging paper. The only thing I changed is that I used a glue stick instead of tape. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve done a glue stick project.


The numbers were free-handed onto 1×1-inch paper squares using a red fine-tipped Sharpie. Writing out the numbers was probably the most difficult and tedious part of the project. An easier way to do it would be to type everything up on the computer and print it, but I ran out of coloured ink and I’m impatient.


Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for December 1st now.







2 responses to “Doggy Advent Calendar”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Cute idea. She is going to have a blast.

    1. SchipAlong Avatar

      Paper tearing is one of her favourite games. It will be interesting to see if she destroys the gift bags too, or just the tissue paper inside.

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