A Week of Photos

I actually managed to get some photos of the Barnevelder. For the most part I leave her alone because, as you can see from that side-eye she’s giving me, she doesn’t like when I even look at her for too long.

14.11.35 14.11.36

It’s not the best photo, but I just have to share it. Check out the ring of hackle feathers up around that hen’s neck! It’s a good thing the d’Anvers have their own coop, because when I let them out to free range the Barred Rock will try to pick fights through the fence with our rooster. Being a Belgian our rooster doesn’t start the fights, but he’s pretty set on finishing them.


I think early winter is one of the best times for taking photos by the ocean.

14.11.35 14.11.38

Check out the colour of Dark Blue’s comb! Shortly before they’re ready to start laying eggs pullets’ combs will turn bright red. It’s making me very hopeful that I’ll actually get some eggs this winter.


I think Barbu d’Anvers are the prettiest of all chicken breeds. Not that I’m bias or anything. 14.11.37

They also make the funniest faces. Their fluffy cheeks will never cease to entertain me.


A few outtakes from tomorrow’s post.

14.11.42 14.11.45 14.11.48

We encountered a pair of ducks paddling along in the ditch, and Suki was very interested in them. I think she needs a little flock of Call Ducks to herd…


I hope everyone’s week was as good as Suki’s.



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