A Week of Photos

I woke up to find that mice had tunneled under the hardware cloth and pulled a big patch of sand through to sift out the dropped chicken food. I covered the wire around the feeding area with a thin board to block their access to the scattered grain, so hopefully that will do the trick.


The chickens enjoyed a meal of salmon, clams, pumpkin guts, and some lettuce. They devoured the seafood like a group of raptors, but they weren’t very interested in the pumpkin.


It’s been a scarf kind of week. Clear, but cold.


And perfect for walks through the forest.


The lighting in this picture is really off, but I can’t resist including it because of that face!


The benefit of living on the coast is that there’s almost always greens for the chickens.


And just in case you were curious, this is what a chicken looks like eating.


Suki has been extra hyper with the cooler weather.

14.11.25 14.11.31

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